Devour Tools Teaches How to Safely Use an Angle Grinder

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An angle grinder is a commonly used tool for a variety of purposes. But like all power tools, it carries the risk of harm if it is not used correctly. According to the experts at tuckpointing drill bits maker Devour Tools, it is important to know the uses of any tool before getting started. They recommend learning all about your angle grinder and ensuring you have the correct angle grinder blade fitted before you commence any work.

Angle GrinderWhat to Know About Your Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a handheld tool that can be used to cut, grind, debur, finish, and polish metal. It can also be used to sharpen tools as well as cut other materials such as stone and tile. Provided the correct blade or disc is used, an angle grinder is an effective and versatile tool that is capable of a multitude of uses.

Angle grinders typically come corded or cordless, with the corded versions usually more powerful. It is important to think about what you might be using the tool for before you make a purchase. You are likely to pay a higher price for a corded tool, so make sure you will actually need it or whether a cordless version is adequate for the work you will be doing.

Staying Safe When Using an Angle Grinder

As mentioned, an angle grinder is a power tool and can be dangerous when safety precautions are not followed. An angle grinder runs at extremely fast speeds of up to 12,000 rpm (revolutions per minute). Compare that to a typical power drill that tends to reach speeds of up to 1,200 rpm. You can see then why safety is paramount, particularly when using cutting blades.

Before you begin, read the instruction manual from start to finish. Do not just skim over the contents assuming you know what to do, as every tool is different. The next thing to do is suit up. To protect yourself when using this powerful tool, you will need to wear at the very least a pair of gloves and a face shield. It is best to keep your arms covered but do not wear loose clothing that could become caught in the tool.

If your angle grinder has a guard, be sure to use it and make sure you are holding it tightly with two hands to always keep a secure grip. It is best to spin the grinder away from any material before you begin to ensure that it is working correctly. To do this, make sure you are in a safe spot with no one around.

When using an angle grinder, keep it pointing downwards so that debris does not fly about your face. Try to make sure that you are spinning the wheel away from any sharp edges to prevent the wheel from catching and causing a kickback.

When changing wheels, ensure you turn the machine off and disconnect it from the power supply. Also, do not put the grinder down after use until the disc has stopped spinning.

Remember, using an angle grinder can become tiring so taking a break from what you are doing every so often can help to prevent accidents.


An angle grinder is a fantastic tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is important however to always make sure you are using the correct disc, designed for the job you are doing. Because of how powerful an angle grinder is, it is recommended that you follow safety precautions before using it, such as wearing protective gear and ensuring there are no defects.


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