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A bedroom is a very important place where people relax after the long activities of the day. This is where people spend most of their time and so it is very important to have a good bedroom design that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. After you return from the long day’s activities, you will need a place to sleep and relax in order to gain energy for the next day. With a well-designed bedroom, you won’t have to worry about that. It is therefore very important to have a well-decorated bedroom for your comfort and sound sleep. Ola Deco offers you bedroom design ideas and furniture that will go with it.

Therefore, you need to design your bedroom in a way that will make you feel good by giving you good sleep where you can dream and relax. With a well-decorated bedroom, you will have a more relaxed and happy life as you will start every morning strong and relaxed after a good sleep at night. Here are some tips that will help you find the best type of design.


It is the most important thing in your bedroom and you need to make sure you choose the right one. If your bedroom is not that big then you should not opt ​​for a large bed as it will make your bedroom more cluttered and bulky. You need to choose the right bed size if you want your bedroom to look perfect. Also make sure to choose the right mattress, comfortable and soft, if you want to have a good time of sleep. In our showroom shop, you will find beds to your liking.

Senegalese bedroom decoration


You have to make sure that you have the right lanes of movement so that your movements become easy so that you avoid tripping. More importantly, you need to have the right types of furniture.

From time to time in your house, you can make changes in the interior and update the style to make it even more attractive. For this, it is necessary to make a set of changes. Whether in your  living room , in your  bedroom ,  office  or any other room in your  home , the authentic finishing touch would be that you set up new sets of furniture  to go with your home.

Senegalese bedroom decoration


Good lighting is essential for any home. It is important to maintain the balance between the personality and the functionality of the room when it comes to lighting the bedroom. One can transform the whole atmosphere of the room by using the lighting correctly. It should be remembered that lighting not only has aesthetic values ​​by improving the mood, but also plays an important functional role in illuminating important areas of the bedroom.

lamps for bedroom in Dakar, design ola deco senegal


Many people use mirrors primarily for embellishment. However, very few consider them an excellent addition to the interior or a practical helper for the optical enlargement of any space.

Many people tend to use mirrors, especially in small or hallways, as they are able to visually enlarge it. Make sure it reflects something good. You can incorporate the mirror on one of the walls in your home to make the room look bigger.

Interior mirror in Dakar, Decoration Ola Deco Senegal.


It not only reflects the personality of the occupant, but also stretches to enhance the desired level of comfort. As soon as the sockets are accessible to design a bed at the right height, the design of decorative tables will be an added value for the design of the bedroom. Art plays a key role in enhancing the desired level of aesthetics and comfort in a bedroom.

Art painting for bedroom in Senegal, Dakar, Ola Deco Design

What are you waiting for?

There are many colors and styles to choose from for your Senegalese bedroom. You need to make sure that what you choose will complement your bedroom decor.

Whatever sliding wardrobe doors you decide to have, they should be able to fit into your room and be easy to move. As well as furniture and other decorative accessories in the room.

If you can take all these factors into consideration, you will have the best bedroom design for you, which will make your life more fun and relaxed.

So, choose your style with Ola Deco and decorate your designer bedroom in Dakar, Senegal, exclusively designed to quench the thirst for interior design needs of the Senegalese public. Create your new generation home signature with us!


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