5 Interior Design Apps That Will Help You Create Your Dream Home!

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If you are planning to give your house a new look, the hardest part is always to visualize exactly what it will look like in the end. Is not it ? The good news is that with advancements in technology, we are seeing the invention of many things that can help us design an epic interior . So don’t hesitate and enjoy. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We are here to help you. Here is a list with the top 5 interior design apps that will help you improve interior space – from furniture to decoration.

Content of the page [ hide ]1 Which interior design app to choose and why?1.1 Interior Design Apps: Houzz1.2 Interior Design Applications: Redecor1.3 Home design1.4 3D Home Design1.5 Room Planner

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Room design apps and interior design software are more than accessible, which means you can be your own designer! Now we can preview the end result even before we start. Isn’t that great? ! You can plan, try, compare and visualize each element you choose to create the home of your dreams. Because really, who wants to spend weeks painting and decorating only to realize that the gold color on the walls was a mistake?Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, or decorating a room for fun, check out these home decor apps. They are indispensable and can easily become your new hobby.improve the interior design and decoration of your home View in gallery

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What are the advantages ? First of all, these interior design apps are available on both the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. So you can use them no matter what device you have. Plus, they’re a lot cheaper (some are even free) than working with a professional. In short, you save money and time. You don’t need to schedule an appointment and wait for the exact time and date when the designer can come to your house and complete the project. A few weeks of waiting, then a correction, another wait, etc. Forget it! Do it yourself, modify it as many times as you want, sitting on your sofa and drinking a glass of wine. What a pleasure !Interior Design Apps: Houzz Which interior design app to choose and why View in gallery It is a free application created from the popular Houzz website . The Houzz app lets you browse over 14 million photos designed to inspire you and shop directly from the photos you love. Save your favorite styles and pieces to your “Idea book” to give the app’s professional decorating consultants an idea of ​​what interests you.Interior Design Apps: Redecor5 Applications for interior design View in gallery

If you are a beginner in interior design and decoration, Redecor is the best in the list of applications that you absolutely must try. Redecor is actually a game for all home decor lovers, with new design challenges every day. At the end, you receive a ranking based on the votes of other players.Design Home Interior design applications View in gallery Design Home is another game app that can improve your designer skills. You’ll see a daily update of products, allowing you to play with interior furniture from real brands – all available right at your fingertips. Redecorate rooms while discovering brands and trends, and get inspired to create the interior decoration of your dreams!3D Home Design create the house of your dreams View in gallery

Home Design 3D is a bit more professional. So, if you are planning a major renovation, it is better to go for this one. Here you can import your floor plans and experiment with deleting entire walls. Once you’re ready, you can move on to decorating. It is even possible to share your project with your family and friends and work together in real time.Room Planner decorate the house using an app View in gallery Start with a 2D project in order to carry out the planning of the room. Then move on to 3D visualization where you can change the furniture, and add new items from different brands. Another advantage is that you can create snapshots. The app also has design themes for decorating living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even laundry room.


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