Bedroom renovation guide: THE checklist of steps to follow

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 The bedroom is a room like no other. It is a place of rest and intimacy in which to feel at ease is essential. The bedrooms are, so to speak, fundamental rooms of your home, therefore, rearranging and personalizing them will allow you to fully flourish in your home.

We have published many articles on our renovation blog, some of which are about bedroom renovations. To help you with your current project, we have decided to create a guide where all the main information will be gathered, with a cheat sheet that you can use to follow the progress of the work.

bedroom design

If you came across this article, it’s probably because you already want to renovate your bedroom. Before moving on to concrete things, it would be important to establish the objectives of this transformation project.



Knowing how most people don’t get enough sleep and that several factors associated with the environment around them can impact sleep cycles, bedroom layouts should be designed to promote comfort. and rest.


A comfortable room is good, but it must also be welcoming! A beautiful layout, with quality furniture and decorative elements that give character to the room, this is the magic recipe for creating the bedroom of our dreams.


Finally, as the bedroom is one of the most intimate spaces in a house, it is the best place to have fun with the decoration! If the room is shared between several people, we can harmonize the styles and preferences of each one or create delimited zones so that the occupants find their account there.


If you have decided to renovate a bedroom, it is because it does not suit your needs or those of the person who occupies this room (children, friends, roommates). It is not difficult to come up with ideas for the decoration and layout of the room, but before starting the work, you must make sure that the needs that were not met will be met through the results of the work.


One could argue that a bedroom makeover is not as complicated as a kitchen makeover. Typically, a bedroom remodel project won’t involve as many steps or complications, as there’ less plumbing and electrical work involved.

Where is the room located?

Is the room located in a tight space, at the end of a hallway, at the top of a staircase that is difficult to access, or in a room with an unconventional shape? Note the aspects that characterize the space, as this will have an impact on the types of furniture and materials that you will be able to use.

Was the room already used as a bedroom?

The level of transformation will be different if the room was not originally used as a bedroom. For example, in the city, we often see people who transform their double room into two separate bedrooms. We must then think about building new walls, adding doors, or even windows. We also think of basements that are not finished.

Are the conditions there optimal for sleeping?

We mentioned this briefly in a previous paragraph, but it must be reiterated how important it is that the bedroom provides good conditions for sleeping. Each person is different and has their own needs when it comes to sleep, but there are certain points that are valid for everyone:

Is there enough storage?

Ah, that famous storage! Even people who adopt a more minimalist lifestyle are often going to struggle with a lack of storage options. What about those who have enormous wardrobes, a collection of figurines, a selection of books worthy of the greatest libraries or a series of nail polishes in all the colors of the rainbow? Storage is the sinews of war for the development of a pleasant bed


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