5 Safety Tips For Roof Decorating

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Many people decorate their roofs in the winter holidays to bring warmth, light, and color to their homes and communities. We’ve compiled a list with five safety tips this year to keep you and your roof safe while you decorate it.

Roof Decorating

1. Make a Plan

Before you start to build your roof, it’s important to have a plan. What decorations are you planning to use? What decorations will you use? Planning ahead and knowing the answers to these questions will help you reduce time spent on your roof and reduce your risk of injury.

Plug in all decorations before you attach them to the roof. This will allow you to inspect them thoroughly and fix or repair any damaged pieces.

2. Wear Proper Attire

Dress properly. Comfortable, non-slip shoes are essential. Gloves are an important accessory to bring with you. A coat is a must if it is cold.

3. Make sure you are safe on your ladder

Your ladder should be level and tall enough. Your ladder should be higher than your roof if you plan on hanging decorations from the roof. Instead of carrying your decorations and tools up a ladder, you can use a rope to carry them.

Extreme caution is required if you have to lift items. You could be seriously injured if you move extra materials.

4. Use the Buddy System

A helper is always helpful. It’s not only helpful to have someone on the ground hand you decorations or other tools, but it’s also a safety precaution. The person on the ground can hold the tools and monitor for potential dangers or accidents.

5. Only the best quality electrical cords

Avoid cheap electrical cords when decorating your roof. Use only UL cords and other devices designed for outdoor use. Low quality cords can cause electrical issues and even start fires.

You should have enough power to run all the decorations and circuits you have running from your home. It is important not to shorten the circuit or burn out any plugs.

Remember to enjoy the process and take your time. It can be time-consuming to decorate your roof. However, rushing can cause serious injuries and hazards. These tips are hoped to be helpful and we wish you a wonderful holiday season.

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