Benefits to High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

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Are you seeing water pooling in your shower drain? Do you smell something coming from your kitchen sink or is it a foul odor? These are all signs that your drain is clogged.

Drain Cleaning


There are many ways plumbers can approach drain cleaning. The traditional methods used snakes, augers, and harsh chemical dissolvents. High-pressure drain cleaning is a great option. It has many benefits. Here are six examples!

What is High-Pressure Drain Cleaning?

To clear clogs, professional plumbers often use high pressure drain cleaning (also called hydro-jetting). This drain cleaning method has been proven to be one of the most effective. The flexible hose is connected to an adjustable head by a plumber. To break down clogs, the nozzle releases a high-pressure water stream into your pipes.

Find out more about high-pressure drain cleaning:

1. You get more thorough results

High-pressure cleaning is the best method to clear clogged drains. Blockages can be caused by many things, such as grease, coffee grinds and tree roots.

Most clogs and sludge require multiple methods to be cleaned. High-pressure drain cleaning, on the other hand is highly effective and does the job in one go.

This is because high-pressure water flows in many directions as it blasts into pipes. It tackles different blockages from different angles and forces them out of their place.

2. Faster Than Other Drain Cleaning Techniques

Because they work so quickly, high-pressure sewer and drain cleaning is a great option. Hydro-jetting is a faster method to clear blockages than any other.

Other drain cleaning methods involve pushing and poking at the clog to get it out of the drain. This is tedious and time-consuming. High-pressure drain cleaning blasts out clogs and blocks at lightning speed.

High-pressure drain cleaning is a fast and efficient way to clear multiple blockages from a drainage system. This saves both time and money for the homeowner.

3. More cost-effective than traditional methods

It is no secret that sewer and drain cleaning services can be expensive. These expenses can quickly add up, and cause havoc to your bank account.

High-pressure drain cleaning is the best and most cost-effective way to clean drains. This is because it doesn’t require expensive chemicals or heavy equipment. There is no need to drill, and there’s no charge for service.

It takes only a plumber to perform the hydro-jetting blasts, which will clear the pipes. This simplicity makes high-pressure drain cleaning cost-effective.

4. Environmentally safer than other techniques

High-pressure drain cleaning is also more environmentally friendly than other methods. Some plumbers may use harsh cleaning agents to clean residential drains. These products are harmful to the environment. They can also be absorbed into the water system, causing toxic effects. There are also the possibility of spills or backups that could cause skin irritation, injury, and other types of harm.

High-pressure cleaning, on the other hand, uses only water to clean out drain clogs. The process does not use any harsh chemicals or toxic substances. It’s a powerful, high-pressure water stream which cuts through blocks and clears pipes without any environmental pollution.

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