Five Impressive Exterior Colour Combinations for Bungalows

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Choosing the right wall colour shades for your bungalow’s exterior can be a daunting task. With so many options, you want to make sure the colours you choose are not only aesthetically pleasing but also coordinate well with one another. Whether you are planning to build a new home or just want to give your existing bungalow a facelift with beautiful exterior texture paint, these five exterior colour combinations will help you find the perfect balance between modern and traditional style.

Colour Combination #1: Neutral Grey and White

Combinations for Bungalows

This combination of grey and white is simple yet elegant. These neutral wall colour shades provide a calming effect while still making a statement. This minimalist look can be easily achieved with light grey walls and white trim around doors and windows. To add some visual interest, you can choose to incorporate darker grey accents in the form of shutters or flower boxes.

Colour Combination #2: Beige and Brown

Beige and brown may seem like an unlikely pairing, but when done correctly it creates an earthy feel that speaks volumes about your sense of style. Light beige walls paired with dark brown accents help create contrast for added visual interest. You can use this combination on your front door or shutters to draw attention to those elements and make them stand out from the rest of the house.

Colour Combination #3: Blue and White

The classic blue-and-white combination is always a hit when it comes to creating eye-catching colours for house outside walls. For this look, choose navy blue as your main colour and pair it with crisp white trim around windows, doors, and other architectural details such as columns or arches. A white picket fence is also a great way to complete the quintessential blue-and-white look.

Colour Combination #4: Green and Yellow

These two vibrant colours work together perfectly to create an inviting atmosphere that will draw people in from the street. Choose pale yellow as your main hue and use lighter shades of green as accents on doors or window frames for added depth and texture. These cheerful colours for house outside walls are sure to brighten up any space!

Colour Combination #5: Red and White

For those who want something bolder than classic blue-and-white, try red-and-white wall colour shades instead! Rich red walls paired with white trim create an elegant yet sophisticated look that will turn heads wherever your bungalow is located in India. You can also add some extra pizzazz by incorporating black elements such as door handles or wrought iron railings into the mix—the possibilities are endless!

When it comes time to paint your bungalow’s exterior, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all of the options available. These five colour combinations are sure to inspire you! From neutral greys and whites to bold reds and yellows, each one provides its unique take on traditional style that will help transform your home into something truly special! So go ahead and explore these ideas today, there’s no doubt that one of them will be perfect for creating an eye-catching façade on your bungalow in India!


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