How Much Does it Cost to Safely Paint Your Home Interiors?

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Today many Indian homeowners want to paint their home interiors safely. What does this mean? This means using high-quality materials, environment-friendly paints which have zero or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hiring professionals who follow safety protocols strictly while painting your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

Thinking of painting your interior walls in 2024 safely? Wondering how much it will cost you to adorn your walls with gorgeous hues? We have done the research, so you don’t have to. In this guide, we will share with you how much it will cost you to paint the interior walls of your abode this year.

6 Key Factors to Consider While Home Painting

1. Painting Cost per Square Foot

One of the primary factors that affect the overall cost of painting your home interiors is the painting cost per square foot.  In India, the average home interior painting cost per square foot depends on several key factors like the locality, type of paint, quality of paint and the complexity of the painting work.

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2.  Painting Techniques

If you are opting for textured paints, then they often require special equipment and techniques. This will naturally shoot up your interior painting budget. Hence, it is crucial that you discuss your wall design and your budget with your painting contractor openly while they are creating your painting quote.

This will allow them to help you find a sweet deal where you are not compromising on your creative vision but also not emptying all your savings while sprucing up your abode in 2024.

3. Choice of Hues & Wall Colour Combinations

Did you know some wall colours cost you a premium price because of the pigments used? It is hence important to do your homework and learn about the different hues and shades available in the market and opt for a colour palette that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We recommend that you opt for a mix of affordable and premium colours, so that your house looks chic and expensive on a budget.

4. Surface Preparation

 You might be tempted to skip surface preparation or do it rushingly but that will cost you a lot of money in the long run in the form of touch-ups and repairs. So, we recommend that you ensure that a quality job is done by the professionals you hire while they clean, sand, repair and prime your wall surfaces.

This step might cost you a significant amount upfront but in the end, it will give you a durable and gorgeous finish that will stand the test of time.

5. Type of Paint

 The type and quality of paint that you choose for your home interiors significantly determines your overall interior painting cost. Different finishes come at different price points.

Note that top-notch brands like Asian Paints, Nerolac, Dulux, etc may cost you more than the other regular brands in the market but they provide you finesse, durability and versatility.

6. Additional  Costs

Labour cost happens to be the most prominent additional cost that you must keep in mind while calculating your interior home painting cost. Highly skilled painters will charge you more in comparison to amateur painters as they will bring your walls to life through their unmatched craftsmanship and skillset.

There might be potential additional costs for wall upgrades, furniture removal or extra coats of paint. These extra costs will significantly impact your final cost. Hence, you must discuss them openly with your painting contractor while hiring him.

 The Final Verdict

It is pivotal that you understand the nuances of the cost of painting your home interiors to get an accurate estimate of how much money you will have to shell out to transform your living space in 2024.

While you might be tempted to cut corners and hire amateur local painters or go the DIY route, we recommend that you choose a trustworthy professional home painting service like AapkaPainter to refresh your home. This is because the experts atAapkaPainter will be able to give your walls a flawless and professional finish that will last you for many years to come.

Looking for reliable home painting services that will offer you quality workmanship that won’t cost you a fortune? Look no further than AapkaPainter professional home painting services. Whether you want assistance to pick a timeless wall colour combination, waterproof your home effectively, or deep clean your house in 2024, they have got your back.


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